Monday, June 13, 2011

On Main Street

On Saturday morning we went to a parade. This was a fun endeavor for the kids.They sat/stood on their sheet in the middle of Main Street.
It allowed me to get some cute pictures of my kids.
But as I sat there, I realized that the parade gene had skipped a generation.
We sat there for about an hour and half, watching the floats and cars go by and I realized that I don't like parades.
They are loud and long and somewhat boring. The floats could be pretty but they could be very tacky too and I just don't think I will sit through to many more in my lifetime if I can at all help it.
My mom loves and grandmother loved parades. I was even in a few as a kid, but I just am not too keen on them these days.
So are you a parade goer or a parade pooper? Me, definitely a pooper, but I survived and the kids enjoyed themselves. I just don't think I will be going to a parade anytime soon.


Nana S. said...

Really good pictures of all the kids. It is a tradition which reminds me to give thought to the purpose of the parade. None last that long here ;-)

Shannon Lytle said...

Cora says parades are boring, but I've always liked them. Especially if they throw candy! =)