Saturday, June 4, 2011

Miss B's New Bag

For Miss B's birthday her Aunt Meggan bought her a camera. Ever since I have been wanting make her a camera bag for it. Last night I got the crafty bug really bad, so I know that I would be doing some sewing today.
Hannah picked out the fabric. Pink on the inside and the circles on the outside.
I got a basic design off some tutorial blogs but also made up my own stuff on the fly.
I wanted her charger and camera to be still, so I used some hair bands to do the job. They worked great.
I also wanted a long strap for the bag so that it would go over her shoulder across her body. That way it would be safer and more secure for her.
This is the center pocket with the rubber band holders.
Sewing away.
The first side sewn in. It worked easier than I thought it would. I had to do some finagling and was worried that I wouldn't get it.
Here it is on the outside.
ALL DONE!! It came out great and Miss B loves it!!!
Here she is sporting her new bag.
It fits a small notebook, pen, chap-stick, I-Pod, camera, and charger. Plus some extra odds and ends.
This is the front pouch.
And here is the back pouch.
I think...just maybe...she is pleased with her new bag.  ;)

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Nana S. said...

Neat looking bag and beautiful young lady.