Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Immanent Departure

The kids finished there last day of school for the summer. Can you just give a YEA!? We are headed down to Utah on Thursday very early in the morning for 2 1/2 weeks of some vacation. Very early because it is a 12 hour drive and I just don't want to be doing it all day. It is easier for me if I throw in some night/pre-dawn type of driving. I always preferred driving at night when I by myself with the kids. Sleeping children in a car is much easier to deal with.

I got all the cloths packed up today. Marc and Sam cleaned out my car on Saturday. I have most of the food ready and I am getting raspberry starts for my MIL tomorrow. :) Even with all of that, today has not been easy. I have felt really yucky. Female stuff galore. That always seems to happen when I am doing this sort of thing. The kids are crabby when asked to do anything. They just don't want to think, AT ALL, now that schools out. Work involves thinking, so you get the picture.

I am just ready for a break. A break from routine. A break from my four walls. A break from just about everything that I am doing at the moment. I am looking forward to working in Katrina's garden/yard/house and seeing the hot air balloons down at my sisters. I am looking forward to going to the temple and just generally being somewhere else for a few moments. But then that is what vacation is for.


Katrina said...

Looking forward to it too.

Debbie Murdock said...

I sure hope the Utah weather cooperates for you. It has not been the typical start to the pre summer I'll just say!