Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Frankenstein's Bride

My children have reached a very interesting stage of development. They haven't really grown any taller but the things that come out of their mouths lately are just ... shall we say ... charming?. Like a couple of weeks ago when we were discussing Young Women's Conference and Alex said that I couldn't go because I was an "old woman" and they can't go to young women's stuff. 


Then their was Sam, who two days ago was giving me a hug and said "Curse YOU mom, You Ancient ONE!" He was so proud that he just came up with that one on the fly. 


But yesterday my daughter took the cake and a little bit of apple crisp too. As previous post's have attested too, I have been doing A LOT of outside work. (It keeps me out of the food.) Yesterday was the big dump/take down swing set day. So I just bundled my hair up and went to work. At noon time I came in to make their lunch.

No glamming up required to do that, right?   

My daughter pipes up. "Mom, you hair is kinda sticking out." Yes, daughter I figured that. I have been working outside all morning. "Mom you look like Frankenstein's Bride."


"Yea, Mom, you know that lady with the stuff up the side of her hair. Frankenstein's Bride." Thank you so much daughter. See if I ever make you lunch again. Then Alex got into the conversation and of course they had to continue discussing this topic for another 10 minutes through the rest of lunch. 

I took of picture of my state at that point in the day and let me tell you, I looked 10 times worse when I got done. That would be after wrangling all the rose bush into the back end of the car, two dump runs, mowing the back yard and dumping humming bird syrup down my front. It was just charming. So personally, I really didn't think I looked so bad at lunch time.

But leave it to my children to be shockingly blunt about any aspect of my appearance. I just have such lovely children. Note the heavy sarcasm. Frankenstein's Bride indeed.


Nana S. said...

Children ;-) what do they know? You look great to me.

AJ said...

Kids...ya gotta love em.