Saturday, June 18, 2011

Final Piece

The last project to get done in the front yard was this mess of  roses. As I explained earlier something killed a lot of the rose bushes here in Utah this winter and these were not any different.
They need some serious help. I needed to get my exercise in this morning and decided today was as good as any.
I hacked and hacked at the bushes and discovered that Katrina had only truly lost one of her bushes. The rest just needed some serious cleaning. This dang root was a pain to get out but now she has room on the backside for two more bushes.
This is what it looks like now. I think that it look good, just not as big. But all the sun that will reach the good roots should really make for some healthier bushes in the long run.
I have to make a dump run. As most of the bush is now in a neat pile on the lawn.
The front yard is now all set. Next week we move onto the back. But tonight we are headed to Chris's for a movie and some grub.

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Nana S. said...

was the grub good ????