Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tiny Miracles

It is always amazing to me how Heavenly Father can create such beautiful thing in miniature. For Nik's science project he has to take pictures of wild flowers and classify them. So we have been hiking about, taking pictures, and generally trying to find wild flowers and not tulips to take pictures of. On Tubbs Hill there are tons of wild flowers and in one little stretch I found these beauties! 

They are Calypso Orchids. 
In the wild. 
It  was so cool.
They are perfect miniature flowers. They were only about 3-4 inches tall. My finger was resting just below the delicate slipper. I was so thrilled to find them. They were just stunning.
Then I got this picture of a Shooting Star. It is one of my better shots. I just think it came out so cool.
Then today mom and I went and dug up some free strawberry plants. We are going to go back for another bunch here in a week or so. That way we can finish the other half of the bed. I think it look great.
Here is just a random picture of my hubby tossed in. He is looking so good. He is tired here. He has been working overnights this week.
I hadn't put up any pictures of our chickens in a while and they were all perched in the coop. I thought it was funny because...
the "Three Musketeers" were out running about like man women. These are our Brahmas. They are really doing great and are wicked feisty. LOL
Here are mom's red tulips. And last but certainly not least was our beautiful sunset tonight.
When I look all the miracles that surround me in my everyday life, I realize that I am incredibly blessed. Sometimes I forget that I am a walking miracle myself. It helps to look at those small things. It helps me to remember.


Katrina said...

fun pictures and the chicks have gotten big since we saw them at Easter.

housewife said...

mmmmm strawberries:) we have been buying a lot of them at costco:) I've got plans to go to a "u-pick" farm with my neighbor in a week or two...it should be fun:)