Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Special Day

Today has been a good day. It is Mother's Day but more importantly Miss B went into Young Women's.
She sure was looking grown-up this morning.
She wrote me a card. In it there was a poem.

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Mother without you,
I would be dead.

It made me laugh out loud.
Here I am with my beautiful girl. Who is fast becoming a woman.
I hope you all had as wonderful a day as mine has been. I am so grateful for my wonderful family. Even though they drive me batty most of the time.
On another note, it looks like Spring is eking her way into our little spot of paradise.
Here are my lilacs! I have buds all over the place. These green ones are the white lilacs and the dark, almost black ones are the purple. :D 
 My daffodils are in full bloom now. Almost my whole row is looking mighty fine!
 I am even getting some of the orange ones blooming! 
These next few pictures are for my MIL. These are my tulips that are well on their way to blooming too.
Praise the Heavens!
 And here is my Mothers Day Cake. Yes I know it is missing some of it's bounty. It is my cake, I should be able to eat it, even if it is the day before. ;)
 It is lemon and raspeberry with white chocolate and this mouse type frosting. 


AJ said...

Happy Mother's Day! I loved Hannah's poem. And the cake looks yummy. I didn't think to take a photo of our special dessert until I saw yours. I need to do that now.

Debbie Murdock said...

Happy Mother's Day! Hannah is a funny girl. You're looking pretty good my friend.

Katrina said...

Happy Mothers Day once again...and YUM that cakes looks great. I want a piece. Hannah is such a lovely young lady, she is very pretty and your looking great too Stacie keep up the good work. Love you all

Nana S. said...

Lovely ladies !!!! and yummy looking cake ;-)