Monday, May 30, 2011


Thursday evening we went with friends to their camp in Noxon Mt. It is about 2 hours away to the northeast. It is a beautiful spot.
The land sits in a valley surrounded by big mountains. There is two ponds, upper and lower.

Friday was mostly rainy but we played out anyway. Saturday was mostly not rainy and we played out in that as well.  ;)
The kids had a blast. They all learned how to ride those little dirt bikes. An 80 and 50 if you know dirt bikes.
I think Sam has been waiting for this moment since he was conceived. LOL
Alex was not so patiently waiting for his turn but he let me get a good picture or two.
I love this picture of Nik! I just caught him.
This is what your backside looks like when you spend 45 minutes riding the dirt bike in the mud.
Nothing says hick more than riding around in an old tin bathtub.  They had a blast.
Hanging out around the campfire. Yes, Alex is sitting there with no shoes.
This little dog was hit with the girls. Her name was Gracie. I really like this picture of Hannah too. She is getting so grown up.
We ended up coming home a day early. One of the other girls got sick and I was missing Marc really badly, so it worked out well for me. It was really nice to be asked and it was a beautiful spot.

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