Thursday, May 5, 2011


See the little green man in the second lane closest to the infield? Yep that little green man would be my son!
Today was Nik's last track meet for the season. Tuesday was his first. Yes, our spring has been that cranky. But Nik took it all in stride. He is really good and will just get better.
He really got some seriously good air over those hurtles. I was excited to see him run!
I love the concentration on his face.
There were two heat of seventh graders racing. He finished in 19.8 seconds! He took second place out of all the seventh grade hurdlers and won his heat! GO NIK!!!
He is such a cutie. He still lets me give him a kiss in public. What a great kid I have.


housewife said...

I LOVE it! Way to go Nik!!!! Tell hi his Aunt is waaay proud and loves him a lot! B keeps telling people that "his cousin Nik plays soccer too" :)

Katrina said...

Go Nik Go...Grammy is so proud of you. I love you and you are the Man...

Nana S. said...

Way to Go Nik.....!!!!!