Saturday, May 21, 2011

Bedding Down

Thursday, I went over to help my mom work on her yard. While there we found that mom had a bunch of raspberry starts. Yea! So I dug them up and stuck them in a bucket of water to take home. But in order to get them in the ground I had to make a new bed. This is were I started. I had the one raspberry that I planted last fall and that was it.
This bed mirrors the bed on the other side with my lilacs in it. :)
Here it is all cleaned out. Not to bad for a few hours work.
I actually took these pictures on Friday. I didn't get them all in the ground until 10:00pm that night. Which worked okay for planting but not for picture taking.
I know they look a little sad but it takes a day or two for them to perk up with watering. :)
I can't wait for them to grow up. Not only will I have some nice shade against the house, I might actually get some raspberries. Which I totally love. Especially raspberry jam. I have been craving that like no ones business.
On a somewhat related topic: Why is it worms crawl out into the middle of the pavement during rainstorms? It is seriously nasty to put the dog out in the middle of the night and have your toes squish into those slimy worms.


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