Monday, May 2, 2011

Baby Haze

Puppies and babies are hard things to resist. I had 4 babies and but never any puppies. Now I have a baby puppy. She is cute and sweet and will be really good once she is all trained. But at the moment she is still a pup.

I have decided that I need to fall back on all that kid baby boot camp that I have under my belt. 

First and foremost...


Don't drop the baby. (Although squishy and squirmy, they don't tend to bounce so well.)

Remember that at least I am taking the potty mess outside and that I should be grateful that at three in the morning I am not changing a diaper and doing a bottle feeding.

That sleep deprivation makes for a short post because I can't remember anything else from my baby boot camp at the moment. ( It is either that or the fact that said babies sucked out my brain cells and all I have been left with is a very slow hamster spinning on my wheel in my brain.)

I am very happy to have our new baby but I am even more happy that she will be a teenager in about a months. :D


Krista said...

Cute post, LOL!!! :) And she's adorable! :) Hope the "teen years" hit quickly for her, LOL... and in the meantime, rest well when you get the chance! ;)

Nana S. said...

Fun, fun, puppies for me but i will love all the great-grand babies (children) I can get my hands on ;-)..

Katrina said...

Lol sleep when you can and no dropping baby...:)