Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The 500

This is my 500th post. In honor of that I am going to tell you five things that you may not know about me. 
 I have my mother's hands. I was looking at them today, my mom's hands, not mine and realized   that mine are going to look just like that when I am older. They are even just as scared, thanks to all my cooking burns. It is really strange to see pieces of your body attached to someone else. I just hope that when my hands get that age they won't hurt as bad as hers do.
I so want to be an actual runner. I want to be able to run for twenty minutes straight and not feel like I am going to die. You would think that it is not so hard but it really is. I don't want to run any races or anything, I just want to go out and run for myself.
Even though I have a green thumb when it comes to flowers, I so totally kill vegetables! My mom and I have planted seedlings that we are getting ready to put in the garden and I volunteered my house for seedling germination. I thought I really can't do to much damage. 
I killed about half of them and brought what was left back to my mom's and now they are fine. I am not sure why I spell death for veggies but there it is.
  I adore sparkly stuff. We are talking Elvis Presley jumpsuit kind of sparkly. Jewelry, shoes, doo-dads and the like. If it is glittery chances are I will end up with it. I have round mirrored Christmas ornaments hanging up in my kitchen window because they catch the light and make it dance all over my kitchen. I love it! My husband says they are disco balls, but I bought them at Christmas, so that is what they are.
I haven't cross stitched anything in 6 months. It is horrible, I know! But I just have not been in the mood. I have projects that I need want to finish for myself but I a not motivated to get it done. I think it is because it is for myself and I don't make cross stitches for myself. I do want to make a one for the Spokane Temple. They are doing a remodel at the end of the year and I know I could make one beautiful enough for there, but I don't know who to ask. I think that there is something inside that clicks on when I am making a cross stitch for someone else that doesn't click when it is just for me. Strange but true.


AJ said...

Talk to the temple secretary. That's who we talked to about tatted alter cloths and she had all the information.

Teri said...

I love your post's and learning new things about you. I have my moms hands too and just like you I would love to able to run for 20 minutes...one day I will do it!

Nana S. said...

I alsways wished I had my mom's small delicate hard working, cloths scrubbing, arthritic hands, ....but no....I have large boned, ugly looking hands. Thankfully I have very little arthritis.

Krista said...

That's awesome! I hear you on the running thing - I've always wanted to, but never thought it was something I could actually do, you know? And yay for a temple cross-stitch!!! What a BEAUTIFUL idea, and a way to consecrate your efforts! :) So cool!!! :) I'm glad Ann commented already, because she's the one I was going to suggest talking to - have fun! :)

Michelle said...

I never knew you wanted to be a runner! So do I, I would like to accomplish a marathon running but just don't seem to have to endurance but I still have hope that I can do it. Good luck stacie you will reach your goal, I know you will!