Thursday, April 28, 2011

Theme Music

I have always thought that we need to have our own theme music.
When you walk around doing different task that your music for that moment should just start playing.

You would have laundry theme music, like "Another One Bites the Dust"
(Insert appropriate melody here.)
And another ones gone, and another ones gone, ANOTHER ONE Bites the dust!
Then there are those romantic moments with your honey when
"Cannon in D" melodically begins to play in the background.

Or when your time of the month puts into one of those moods.
You should just have Darth Vader's Theme boom in all general directions,
sufficient warning to all that you
are pissed and willing to take anyone out. 
All should just kneel at your feet in abject terror.

My theme music for today 
(and I must admit I am really excited to 
listen to it while I am doing my running workout this afternoon)
is the soundtrack from Tron:Legacy. 
It is perfect for treadmill butt kicking and laundry doing.
Of which the latter is finished.
Yea Me!

So what is your theme music today? Melancholy, joyful, kick-butt techno, or just some quite soothing sounds running though the background? 

Hope you having a Kick-Butt Techno kinda day personally, 
as you get a lot done that way.


Nana S. said...

Dance a little too. '-)

housewife said...

I've got to listen to that soundtrack now....