Thursday, April 21, 2011


After much prayer, Marc and I have decided that we have to start buying milk and bread with casein in it. Meaning regular cows milk and cheap bread.

I am a bit discouraged. 

The change has nothing to do with how we are doing on the no casein diet and every thing to do with our finances. We are just not being able to buy enough of the food that we need to get us through the month and don't have the income to make up the difference. We aren't buying any other dairy. No cheeses or cream soups or sour creams.

We feel like we should do all we can with what we have but at this point getting a gallon of milk for $2.99 is more important than getting a 1/2 gallon for the same amount. These are the hard decisions you have to make as parent. 

Alex and Sam and Marc all do better without the casein, but there just isn't enough to last the month. So we are going to be a mostly casein free family. At least until we get a little more income to even out the bumps.


Michelle said...

Stacie, I'm so sorry that you have to go back to milk. I just had my sisters two youngers kids here for a week age 2 and 4 while she was in hawaii. Her youngest is allergic to cows milk, so she drinks rice milk and drinks alot of it. She sent a box of it when she brought the kids and drank all but two. I was wondering how much it cost for her to buy this. sounds expesive! Hang in there, I know marc has the potential to move up so that will help with finances.

Nana S. said...

That is so understandable. Hopefully you will be able to limit the casein consumption for the three of them even if not the rest of you. Juggling finances is really so difficult. Keeping each of you close in our thoughts and prayers.

Krista said...

I'm so sorry... I've been dreading having to make a call like that, for a while now, and I can totally understand how crushing it must be. I wish I had a good idea for a cheap substitute... I do know that there are techniques for breaking down casein, like fermentation, (I think), and there are enzyme supplements that can help, too; I googled it and found one site that explains (and I'm sure sells, LOL) enzyme activity & stuff here; it might be a good place to at least start, in further research. I know my body has been struggling to break down spelt gluten that I ingested at some point, which is just really irritating, but my ND has me on an enzyme supplement that has made a difference. Not sure how long I'll be on it, and it's yet another pill I could happily do without taking, LOL... but anyway...

I have faith that the Lord will see your best efforts, though, and bless them for even greater gain, however that ends up working out. We can only do what we can... sending thoughts & prayers your way!

(And this might bring a chuckle to your day: the word verification thing for me is "fookin". Heh.)