Saturday, April 30, 2011


This morning was our big ward service project. We worked at the city beach from about 9:45 to 12:30 cleaning, hauling, picking, and generally making everything look pretty.
Had to get a couple of shots of my daughter looking beautiful.
Nik worked with his friend J. They racked and racked. It doesn't look like too much of a hardship.
Part of what we had to do was pick up some of the drift wood and cut up logs, then haul them up to the road so that they could be picked up.
Then afterwards we went to the church to have burgers and hot dogs. There was a sister in our ward who had some free puppies. This is our newest family member. Her name is Evangeline. We are calling her Evie for short.
She is a Chihuahua, Terrier, Australian Shepard mix. So she will probably be a little taller than Beanie but not really any bigger.
She is really cute. 7 1/2 weeks old. She will be a good addition to our family as Beanie is already 10. Beanie is doing really well with her and I think she will continue to do so. She has really pretty markings. Now is the time for me to have a baby, as I am here at the house by myself a lot and haven't started into the real business of teenagers yet.
I know I am insane, but such is the turning of our lives. Also this last picture my daughter took. She took the picture of the flags reflection in the puddle. It is way cool and I am really proud of her. 


Katrina said...

Cute puppy and nice picture of the flag Hannah...

housewife said...

7 1/2 weeks and she's almost as tall as Beanie...I'd say she may be quite a bit bigger. :)

Nana S. said...

Oh my, you can't resist puppies....? Everyone looks great. Picture of the flag's reflection is really good. I am really pleased that so many of you enjoy photography and candid shots like I do. Pictures tell a story too. Love to all. said...

What an adorable puppy!!! She is too cute.