Thursday, April 28, 2011

Rights of Passage

My little girl is one step closer to being all grown up. Tonight she got her ears pierced for her birthday on Tuesday. She is turning 12. *sigh* Time just seems to be speeding up.
Here she is checking out her choices.
She decide to go with the Rose Quartz October set (they came with a little necklace too). It was a pretty gold and pink set.
Signing paperwork. Me not her. She was just anxiously waiting.
On here "special" chair. It was a little rocky but only enough for her to comment on not fall off of.
She was asking a hundred questions the whole time. Mostly though, it was how much would this hurt?
Here she is getting all cleaned up and marked. LOL Love the squinty eye, pirate look.
Nik held her hand through it so I could capture the moment. This was him examining the damage his sister had done, even before the actual piercing.
Are you sure?
Making sure one earring didn't end up in the wrong place.
Mmm, your sure this is going to be okay?
One, Two, Three .... SHOOT!
There was a momentary malfunction with this gun. It wasn't wanting to leave the wonderfulness of Hannah's ear.
You might have to go home with it like that! (It's the eyes that get me.)
Yep, she made it. Without shedding one tear. She sure is a brave girl.
So pretty. She is loving having her ears pierced. I think she looks beautiful.
Miss B is finally old enough to get her ears done. She sure is proud to be sporting her own set of sparkly earrings.


Krista said...

Oh my word, that gun getting stuck would FREAK ME OUT, LOL!!! Ack! She was a total trooper!!! :) And I remember getting mine pierced - so happy she's enjoying them! :) Here's to many years of feeling all decorated and put-together! :)

housewife said...

Yaaaaaay Hannah:) congratulations:) happy early birthday!!!!

Nana S. said...

Congradulations to Hannah. She is a beautiful young lady looking much like her mother. Happy Birthday Hannah !!!!! Love the pictures and especially the mention of Nik holding her hand, such a thoughtful big brother. ;-)

Katrina said...

Love the whole story I feel like I was there. You look beautiful young woman that you are. Love you

Becky said...

Congrats to her! You'll love having a teenage's the BEST!