Saturday, April 9, 2011

Our Adventures Today

 Today I was brave. As you can see I am standing next to my bike. The bike I haven't been on since September. But it was a nice day and my eldest two wanted to ride to Grammy's. They couldn't go alone. So yours truly was the guide.
There was a bit of wind. That was the reason for the hats. By about halfway through we had them hanging on the handle bars because we had warmed up. 4.6 miles to Grammys will warm a body nicely.
My husband tend to take the most unflattering pictures of me.  But this one had Nik in it and I will suffer through. Marc wanted to make sure he had documentation in case we didn't make it. Sweet of him. I endured, but only because I love my kids.
 Here are the seedlings that mom got planted last week. The seeds are growing fast. Those are coffee filters that my mom used and she created terrariums out of corsage boxes. She is so creative.
 See, new uses for a shoe rack.
 We have so many cucumbers that Dad is teasing us. We are going to have to figure out where to plant them all.
 This honestly made my night.
My third child put himself in jail and chained himself to the wood pile. :D
I will grant you it was part of a game,
but still if they all willingly tied themselves to trees off and on, I think my life would be much easier.
 LOL, he just makes me smile.
Maybe if your are lucky, yours too will tie, via whatever means afforded to them like purple duck tape, to a chair and you will be able to get your mopping done.  ;)


housewife said...

purple duct tape! I forgot!

Nana S. said...

Love the pictures. Kids and you look so great. The seedling look good too. Kids can be so imaginative ;-)