Friday, April 1, 2011

The Only Way We See the Sun

These last few weeks it seems that the only time we see the sun is as it is setting. There is a small break between horizon and cloud cover and there it peeks through.
Tonight was no exception. We got a beautiful sunset and I was able to spend a few moments facing the sun.
I have not done much with my camera these last few months until just recently. It is hard to look at the world around you and want to capture it when you can barely see past your own four walls.
Today has been a great day though. I have been participating in a family "Biggest Loser" contest to help keep us motivated to lose the weight that we need to lose. We started on the January 1st. In 3 months time I have been able to lose 20lbs. It is amazing how wonderful I feel but how nervous I am too.
I know it seem strange that I would be nervous, but I have been working very hard to get rid of these extra pounds and I just don't want to see them again. I understand that I am losing the weight the right way, a pound or two per week, working my bum off at the gym, and paying attention to my food. I have just seen so many gain and lose and gain again that it makes me worried. 

I want a healthy, active life. One where I can keep up with my kids and enjoy the fact that I will only be 43 when Sam graduates high school. I know what I want, so I just have to put in the work to get there. 

I think I can. I know I can. Here's to never seeing the 240's again.


Jenn said...

Stacie your blog looks really nice. Good job :)

Nana S. said...

Congradulations on the loss. Keep up the good work. It does have to become a way of life and it takes much work. You have a good start. I too like your new blog looks. Bright, happy and positive looking. Love ya !!

Teri said...

beautiful sunset pictures you little photographer!! Good job.I miss my singing group and my ward!

Katrina said...

Pretty sun set... and congrates again on the lose this week.