Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My 5 Year Anniversary Gift

Nine years ago today, at 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, Samuel Caleb Catanzaro graced us with his presence. He deiced that he need to get here now and wasn't about to wait for his due date of April 28th. He barely waited for his doctor as it was. Weighing in at 8 lb 10 oz and 20 inches long, I was never so happy to have a baby early! If he had had another 16 days to bake, I would have been having a HUGE baby!
He got his Daddy's long arms.
Just look at all the chub!
I just love those big blue eyes and that round head! :)
 This series of shots are some of my favorites. I just love the expression and joy that radiates from him.
 As you can see he has always been a cutie. We used to call him our little bowling ball. He had the roundest head and big round blue eyes. We were always rubbing his head. I still do. He just made you smile whenever you looked at him.
 This is one of my favorite pictures of my kids. We were at the Swain Farm in NH. Just look at the grin! LOL
Yep, that's just the way we roll, Easter style.
Mini Golfing.
This was when Sam was almost 4. He has always been a camera hound. Say Cheese!
My goodness how he has grow! 
Here is my bright, happy boy today. He is the best anniversary gift I have ever been given. I am so grateful for his wonderful smile.
 How can you resist all this cutie-ness!! I know I can't.
 He is the BEST huger their is. That boy can take you out with a hug, but you will never not feel wanted after one of those.
 He is also dramatic and goofy. Here is one of his many, many faces.
 Then there is the Pout. Yes I see this face A LOT.  LOL We call him our drama king. Sammy loves school. He is on the bonus level with his spelling words and wrote an awesome story for his class, it was one of the top stories in the class. He works hard and plays hard. And I would have to say he has finally decided to be a Mama's boy. (Only took him 8 years or so.) 

I can not believe that my baby is 9. This is my last year of having any single digit aged children. He will be driving before I know it. *sigh*

Happy Birthday, Sammy Baby!


This is also the day that I became a Catanzaro 14 years ago. I have been privileged to spend this part of my life with a wonderful man, who makes me laugh every day.
Our Wedding Day
April 12, 1997
October 11, 2003 
6 Years In
 March 29, 2011
Two Weeks Shy of 14 Years

Last night I asked Marc if he married me for my body, He said "No". Then I asked him if he married me for my brain, He said "No". Then I asked him why he married me and He said "Because you make me laugh".
I am good with that. :)

I expect that is a big part of why we have made it together this long. We don't take ourselves or each other to seriously. I love this man with my whole heart and soul. I know that eternity will not even be long enough to have him by my side.


housewife said...

Happy Anniversary! Happy Birthday Sam! I can't believe I have been in your lives for half of your married life:) Crazy! Hope it's a great day!

Krista said...

SO cool!!! :) Happy Anniversary to you guys, and Happy Birthday to Sam! Those baby pics are SERIOUSLY about the most adorable ones I've ever seen - how cute!!! And he's still got some of the same vibe going, just in a more grown-up way - very cool. :)

Hope you have a WONDERFUL time celebrating! :)

Katrina said...

Nice pictures and how time does fly and change things. Sam is very handsome and has such a great smile Happy Birthday Sam.
Stacie I have talked to you twice today and for got it was your Anniversary today also , that is because I was thinking tomorrow for some reason but I know better. Any way it is hard to believe 13 years today you came into our family and we are so happy to have you as one of "ours" love to both of you.

Nana S. said...

WOW....time does fly and look at the wonderful blessings we have had the privilege of enjoying. The pictures are so much fun to see and your verbal expression of your love is inspiring. Hugs to all.

Heslop Family said...

You are so cute! and so is your family! I love that we both have Samuels!! I enjoy catching up on with you on blogger!