Monday, April 11, 2011

The Grocery Store Can Can

I have changed up the way I have been grocery shopping for the last several years. Instead of basically getting all of my groceries on the 1st with just a little bit of supplementing the perishables, like milk and bread, throughout the rest of the month; I am now going shopping once a week. I set up my weekly meals and then just buy the groceries that I need for those meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

I have to go shopping at a couple of stores. Fred Myers is the best place to get our dairy-free milk and produce, but I still go to Walmart for a few things that I can get cheaper there. Because of the increased frequency of my supermarket excursions, I find that I get kinda tired of going. To relieve some of this tedium, I have gone to listening to Marc's I-Pod as I grocery shop.

I sort of fell into this. After one of my workouts I needed to stop to pick up some odds and ends. I was still listening to my tunes when I went into the store and I found that it made for a much nicer visit. So I just continued the practice. Today I found great joy in perplexing little children and horrifying their mothers as I dance through the grocery store. *Bbbwwwwaaahhahaha!!*

Whenever I would find an empty isle I would jam out to my latest tune. It was great fun! Nothing like singing "Can, Can" from Moulin Rouge in-front of my coconut milk. "Yes you, Can, Can, Can!!!" I loved how the music drowned out all the extra noise of people and the ridiculous elevator music that they pump out of their speakers.

On a related subject, I find it highly repugnant that Avocados are now a luxury food. Seriously, 4 for $5.00, is NOT a good price, let alone one that fits in my budget. Especially when those 4 are small, shriveled half avocados that wouldn't even make up a serving on a salad. *Phewee*


housewife said...

lol...I cant even picture that hilarious looking scene in my head!

Teri said...

You crack me up!!