Sunday, April 3, 2011


 Marc got this great model 2 years ago at Hobby Lobby. It has proceeded to sit in a box for these last two years. During which time our youngest son has admired it mightily.
 When we were cleaning out the garage last week we came across the box and supplies again. Of course Sam begged to build it. But Marc just has no time, so we suggested that Sam enlist the help of Uncle Wayne.
 They have diligently worked on it for the last several days. Sam took it over to Wayne's and they worked on it there undisturbed by his other siblings. (I really don't have a place to work on those type of things here, so this worked out good.)
 Tonight they put on it's finishing touches. It is called a Black Widow. It came out really cool.
 Or so Sam says. I think so too.   ;)
 Sam is now saving up for a tank. LOL He is excited to work on another model with Uncle Wayne.
 It is really good for him. Helps him focus and be detail oriented.
I did notice in the pictures that Sam is looking more mature again. His birthday is in 9 days. He will be 9 this year. *sigh* This is my last year of having any single digit children. Amazing.


Nana S. said...

What I great project for Sam and a one on one opportunity with Uncle Wayne. Unfortunately because of work etc. Daddies do miss out on many of those type of activities. Sam did a great job on the plane and it no dout will start him on a new hobby. He is a handsome young man and it is difficult to believe he is 10 next week. Happy Birthday to Sam and Happey Anniversary to you and Marc in case I forget between now and then. Love you lots, lots of hugs.

Katrina said...

Nice job Sam...looks fun.I am happy Uncle Wayne was able to help you since daddy couldn't.
Love you....

Jenn said...

I agree...he is starting to look more mature. Are those adult teeth I see in the front?? )

Krista said...

Awesome! And yes, detail-oriented and busy is a GREAT way for boy to be, LOL! :) Maybe we'll have to look into that for our detail-oriented kiddo... ;) They're doing a great job! :)