Wednesday, April 20, 2011


My ultimate goal weight is 170-175lbs. Now I have a running book for women that my sister-in-law gave me and have been reading through that. In there is a section on weight loss and BMI.

Now I have had an issue with BMI since our scientific community has come out with it. It feel like one more thing to tell you that you are morbidly obese. (That is such a lovely term. Please take not of the huge eyeball roll).

At my current weight of 239.8, I have a BMI of 43. Horrifying I know. :P  Actually I think it is very ridiculous. But what is really frosting my cookies is that when I am at my goal of 175 my BMI is still 30.

Which is STILL morbidly obese.

It is stupidity.

BMI my butt. I feel like all the hard work that I am doing is negligible in medical eyes. It is not in my own but I think there should be something that is a little more individualistic when it comes to labeling someone as morbidly obese.

So I will say "POO ON YOU" to the BMI chart. 175 is my goal weight. I have lost 20.8lbs so far and I have 64.8lbs to go. Even though the experts say I should be lower, it is just to dang bad.


Lildonbro said...

I hate the BMI! Forget it and go with pounds and feeling comfortable with yourself.

The Crazy Heads said...

You are doing great!!!!! Keep up the good work and don't worry too much about the numbers, just how you feel and how you look.

Katrina said...

Good for you Stacie,I don't take to much interest in the BMI numbers, just those on the scale.

Nana S. said...

One step at a time, Stacie, and you seem to be walking in the right direction. Congradulations on the wght. loss thus far. We didn't gain all this weight over night and it isn't going to come off overnight. Keep up the good work and do it for you!!!! It is a challenge enough just to do it without the contest of who loses the most. Great job.