Thursday, March 3, 2011

Strictest Instructions

I have been given the strictest instructions that I must update my blog. The trouble is, I haven't felt like I have any blog worthy postings of late. I do the same things day by day. I was then informed that is when you go on vacation in your blog. (I am working on the dream vacation but it is not in blog worthy form yet.) So this will have to do. :)
 Last night was our Cub Scout Blue and Gold dinner. I figure the table cloth colors pretty well give the theme away, but still. I was basically in charge of getting it all together and organized. It came out nice and we actually had just about 60 people there. I am guessing that it hasn't been that way for awhile because all I kept hearing was that we would be lucky to get 60. Anyway. I was pleased with the turnout.
 We did a horseshoe shape out pure necessity. I couldn't find any dollar table cloths that where round, so there you go.
 Our theme this month was resourcefulness. If you click on the picture you can see the little center pieces I made. It was mason jar filled with yellow confetti and then 3 picture holders with pictures of the scouts that they had taken of each other. I made the picture holders out of wire hangers. So I thought that was pretty resourceful.
We had an Arrow of Light presentation as part of the program too. The candle holder thing Alex helped to make in order to finish working on his Craftsmen activity badge. He earned his Weblos rank last night and Sam his Bobcat rank.

This will have to do for the moment, as it is time for me to accomplish my erronds for the day. My melodious sister in law tells me that when I have nothing to blog about, I am supposed to pick something and then rant about it. I will take this under advisement and see I can't come up with something in the next day or two.  ;)


Krista said...

Yes, the occasional "I've been thinking" or "Attention: new pet peeve" posts are fun, too. :) I don't think you've been boring, though, in the first place... sometimes there are a few busy days we just don't get to/need to/feel like cataloging! :)

housewife said...

rant, ramble, babble, drool a little while you're at it:)

Jenn said...

You did a good job on the dinner! It looked really nice, glad you had a good turn out