Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Off to the Races

Tonight was the boys annual Pinewood Derby for scouts. Can you tell Alex is excited to be there? LOL Anyway I also still only have 4 children, the other little boy is Sam's friend from across the street.
 Here are the boys cars. The all bright green one aka The Green Machine was Sam's, the blue one was Al's and the skinny cam-o was Niks. Nik didn't actually make it, Uncle Wayne did but Hannah and Nik both got to race it and be part of the event.
 Uncle Wayne even came and participated with us. It was fun to have him there. He has a lot of fond memories of the his Pinewood Derbies. :)
 Here is Al getting his car weighed in. They had to be no more than 5oz.
 Here are the cars on the raceway! Sam and Al came in first one time each.
 Here is Hannah. She was a bit needy tonight.  But she got to race some and that helped.
They had fun. It is done. I am happy.


Katrina said...

Nice going kids, it looks like it was fun.I am glad Hannah had a chance too it is hard being the only girl....")

Nana S. said...

Is there no girl scout troops or some other good Christian group for girls alone. Hannah needs time separated from the boys. It isn't easy to satisfy needs of each of them. Looks like they had fun just the same. Love to all.