Tuesday, March 8, 2011

In Timeout

I am putting myself in time out. I am not literally going to sit in the corner or anything but I am putting my books there until I can get a handle on my laundry. On Saturday we got the kids rooms all de-junked and unburied. This took about 5 hours between three rooms, moving kids around and sorting through everything. This also added to the already backed up pile of laundry I had to do. Between all the sickness going around the last few months, I have not gotten totally caught up on my laundry. To then add bedroom laundry on top of it has only made it 10 times worse.


Because I am tired still and a bit overwhelmed with all that needs to be done, I have just retreated into my books. I have been reading like a crazy person and that is about all I did yesterday. Reading is all fine and dandy as long as my laundry is finished first. Which it's not! So there you have it ... a TIME OUT is in order. Sometimes we mommies have to just suck it up and get our chores done before we play.


Krista said...

Oh, that totally reminds me... I've got three days' worth of laundry occupying the couch right now, and I'd REALLY like to have it put away by the time Hubby gets home, for a change, LOL! :)

Good luck with the time-out! :)

housewife said...

so thaaaaat's where you've been this week. Well....the laundry beckons. Chop chop!

Jenn said...

amen sister...lol it's always harder to put mommy time outs into practice though! Goodluck!

Teri said...

Sometimes it's nice for us to have a time out! The laundry will eventually get done, take time to do something that you really enjoy!