Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hanging Party

My house is so quiet. I sure do love the peace. Nothing like a good hanging party to get everything settled down and all the loose ends tied up.

Don't worry too much, no one is buried in the backyard, but that huge pile of clean laundry is finally off the floor. 

After some Harry Potter, I gathered the family for a good, old fashioned, hanging party. We hung and hung and hung up all the cloths in the house. (We don't fold because we have no dressers.) I was lucky to be left with about 20 hangers for the remaining two loads that are being washed. 

Marc and the kids really did do a great job. With all six of us working it only took about an hour to get everything done. This is the first time I have been truly "caught up" since sometime in January when everyone started to get sick.

First day of Spring aught to count for something and it is very refreshing to be sleeping in a room without a carpet of cloths to trip over. 

I even traded out my big laundry basket. 
I put it out in the garage because it is big enough to hold two or three loads of laundry before it gets full, so me using my noggin, grabbed the green one instead because it  is half the size and is full at one load. I figure this way after I am able to conquer doing one load everyday for many months, then I might graduate back to my bigger basket.


Nana S. said...

WOW sounds like a great accomplishment and plan. Laundry is a never ending battle, like dirty dishes, a pile growing all the time. I use to do at least a load a day which worked for me. Glad you are beginning to feel better physically and the spirits are lifting. Team work is good for everyone. Love to all.

Katrina said...

Yeah that is great to have that done, and now to keep up huh... it was nice visiting with you today enjoyed the call.