Thursday, March 24, 2011

Farm Chickies

We spent some time over at mom's this afternoon. We helped her get the dirt around the duck pond built up and cleaned up. The kids had great fun shoveling and raking. They worked hard and then got to play in the sunshine for awhile.

Here is the duck pond. We moved all the branches and rocks and then filled dirt up to the edges where it had settled some. Then put flatter rocks around for easier duck access.
I think that the kids would really make great farm kids. I have always wanted to have some land for them to roam around on. For awhile now I have been trying to figure out a way to teach them a better work ethic. Me just yelling at them to get their chores done doesn't help them learn the value of work in the same way as hard physical labor helping someone else, like Grammy, out.
She is actually balancing on the shovel, you just can't see it because it blends into the dirt. 
Hannah was so proud that she caught the duck. She wanted me to pet it, and I did, but it was giving me the evil eye and given my duck track record, I steered well clear.
Because Nik and I did a lot of the shoveling I don't have many pictures of Him working. By this point even though he looks like he is peeing, he was actually stalking the chickens. He was determined to catch one on his own. Took him 45 minutes to do but ...
 Wa-LA!! He caught it on his own. Silly boy.
 Sam worked hard and even volunteered to muck out the pond. He and Grammy got in there and made things a bit more sanitary er less poopy anyway.
Sam has a doctor appointment on Saturday. I am pretty sure the poor guy has another sinus infection. You can see the tiredness in his face. The red mark is where he was smacked with a pole by Nik.
 Hannah, being the brave girl that she is, caught the rooster too. I wasn't touching that one, it almost got Nik in the butt when he was trying to stalk the lady hens.
Bee taking a break. I just love those cute pig tails, flying in the wind.
My goodness is she beautiful?! She is maturing so much. I am really trying to enjoy here for who she is and not butt heads so often. Things seem to be working better between us at the moment.
The boys got smart today and asked Uncle Wayne to make them some shields. We had a lot fewer smashed fingers with some shields in the way.

I so want my kiddo's to be productive, hardworking, honest adults. I am hoping that working over at Grandmas and here at our home over the summer will help in this cause. It nothing else at least I am getting some free labor.


Nana S. said...

Sounds so great. The kids look like they really enjoy working with the animals @ Grammy's. You too. It is always a lot more fun to help someone else then to be bogged down with the everyday chores at home, and so very energizing. Glad you are feeling better and the weather is such that you can get outside and play in the mud a little. I can just see your beautiful plants that will be blooming soon. Hugs to all.

Katrina said...

Nice job guys and I am sure Grammy Marlatt loved the help. I am glad you are getting out in the out side air, it is good for all of you.:)

Cindi said...

What a great mom you are...teaching your kids the value of work is a tricky one...good for you for also showing them by example and working beside them. I sure do miss you!!!

Krista said...

Isn't it weird how it's so much more fun doing *someone else's* chores, than our own? :) Helping other people is a MILLION times more rewarding, for some reason...

And good on the kiddos for figuring out how useful shields would be! :) That'll be SO much fun! :)

And oh my... yes, part of how you know girls are growing up is that you start butting heads like CRAZY. I sure don't envy my mom, dealing with me... houses just aren't made to contain more than one woman, LOL, and adolescence is just such an *extra* fun time for that. *shudder* Glad things are going alright, though! :)