Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Very BAD Word

To say that I am an avid reader would probably be quite an understatement. Since the summer before my freshman year of high school, when reading finally clicked in my brain, I have been "devouring" books. All sorts and kinds, except horror or gory mystery types, although I did trying reading a few but they just gave me nightmares for weeks. I especially love historical fiction and a good romance without to many "turn pages". You know where a romantic scene gets a little too romantic.

I was given an I-Pod for my birthday last year by my husband. I have enjoyed it a lot but since being out of school I haven't used it as much. That is until last month when I discovered books on CD. Yes I have known that there are books on CD for quite sometime, but it just clicked that I could go get books for the library and put them onto my I-Pod so I could workout and read at the same time. Amazing, I know!

In my pursuit to read a variety of books I have been diligently scouring the CD collection looking for all sort of books. I found this one book called The Beach House. It sounded interesting and it was ... right up until they used the F-Word 4 times in the matter of two sentences and I turned off the book and erased it from my files.
Why the heck is it with authors these days feel the need to pepper there writings with the F-Word. It shows so little imagination and I guess the caliber of today's writers must be sliding down hill if they feel the need to use a expletive every few pages. I really feel that if they need to use that sort of language, they really shouldn't be writing or at the very least there needs to be a disclaimer on the book saying that this book contains enough language to get it an R-rating if it were a movie. Or better yet a black box saying this book contains X number of bad words. Then you would know not to pick the dang thing up.

It makes me so mad to be reading along, getting involved in the characters lives to then to be slapped in the face with a bad word. It is even worse when you are listening to it on audio book. I wish I could scrub out my ears like I would my mouth if I had gotten something really nasty in it. I feel like I am darting through a field full of verbal landmines when I am trying to pick out a new book.

If I am going to spend $15.00 on a book, then I should at least have some sort of waring if the author has decide to throw out proper English in favor of some VERY BAD WORDS.


AJ said...

I hear ya! That's why I kinda got stuck reading young adult and no higher. I didn't like the language land mines.

Nana S. said...

I am with you, S. It is down right offensive to my eyes and ears to hear or read such uncouth words. It seems so ignorant on the part of the author or the user. I am not and never was an avid reader, which on my part is too bad because story land is a wonderful place. And there are some great authors who have written some wonderful books of which I have had to look past the language to enjoy the story. The same is true with people I know whose language has much to be desired but are truly lovely people. Their vulgar expressive language just seems to be a way of life to them. What offends me does not necessarily offend another. Sorry about my wordiness. I am with you !!!!! Lots of love.

Teri said...

I agree 100% I HATE the "F" word...it ruins evertyhing. I to love to read and have started what I thought was going to be a good book until the F word popped up and then I was done with it.

Krista said...

I feel like there are times when inappropriate language is, for lack of a better word, appropriate for a particular character, but it does get in the way when used excessively.

I used to read a lot of Tom Clancy, but had to put it down when the language started really getting in the way. It's not that all "language" offends me, but there's got to be a reason and a sophistication to it, rather than just vulgarity.

For me, there's one word even more offensive than the F word, for its complete vulgarity and misogyny, and that's generally a deal-breaker. (Or rather, a reading-breaker...)

Filth is filth, and vacuous filth is the worst, even when it still manages to get printed. (It's for that reason that I tend to think book contracts should be eliminated - just finish a book and submit the thing, rather than having to produce "something, anything, to fill up pages...")