Friday, February 25, 2011

Tired Moment

Being sick is not fun.

I came down with the kiddo's yucky sore throat colds. *blah* pretty much describes the feeling of the moment. My throat is wicked sore and I am very tired.

I also sent my kids to school with it being 0 outside. Technically they had school today, but I probably should have kept them home. Instead I bundled them up like a colorful Michelin Man and sent them on their way. This so that I could have a few hours of peace and quiet to sleep some more of this cold away.

Yes, it was cruel, but what's a sick mom to do?

I am going to take my nap now. Just one more thing. Thank you for all the lovely comments on my previous post. It is so wonderful to have the support. Until next time. Happy Napping.


Jenn said...

Hope you feel better!! enjoy your rest!

Krista said...

Nope, definitely not cruel. ;)

Hope you feel better soon!