Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stupid Computer

It is a wonder that we have survived so long without all this technology that we deem necessary. Cell phones, computers, internet, TV, and a hundred other things that we use everyday. They make our lives easier and helps us be in touch with family and friend like never before. 

Personally they also make want to slam my head down on the desk in sheer, unadulterated frustration!!! If something is supposed to work and make your life easier, then it dang well needs to do that!

What, might you ask, has brought on such rage, such complete exasperation with my computer that I wanted to chuck the thing out the window and then repeatedly hit it with a hammer?

It would be my email, of course.
[insert huge eyeball roll]
Meggan sent me some lovely pictures of my daughter that she had diligently worked on. Making them look beautiful and dreamy, but when I went to download them onto my computer, I continued to get error,
after error,
after error.
The dumb things. 

I worked on it for over an hour!! Something that should have taken mere minutes, never happened last night. I couldn't get the dumb thing to download. NOTHING! This morning IT LITERALLY TOOK 2 MINUTES to download them!!!  

2 MINUTES!! For all 5 pictures!

I do love my technology, but there a times when I just get so frustrated with it when it doesn't work right.I shall stop my sorted ranting a show off the beautiful pictures of my daughter.

Here are two of the pictures that I was working so diligently to get last night.  Meggs did a great job with them and I can't wait to print it off and put it up. :)


Katrina said...

Cute pictures!!! And I hear ya about the comp problems :)

Katrina said...

hahah...that comment was from me not Mom, btw:) ( even though I'm logged in under her name :)