Friday, February 18, 2011

On a Roll

The kids are out of school for a four day weekend. This always presents challenges. Mainly keeping them occupied well enough that they don't kill each other or destroy the house. So when my friend MJ said "Come roller skating with us", I jumped at the chance.

I hadn't been roller skating since I was a teen. That would be more years ago than I would like to count, but I used to love it! During my day you could only rent those 4 wheeled skates and they played a lot more 80's music. But it is still a blast!

So I packed up all of the kids, including Alex, and we went to the rink. You now have your choice between inline or 4-wheeler skates and we all ended up in the inline variety. Nik and Hannah were off like shots, but Sam and Al had never skated before. Sam was game but Alex took quite a bit of coaxing but once I got him moving he really seemed to enjoy himself.
As for me ... well ... lets just say there is definitly a difference between what your mind remembers and what your body can do at the moment. I didn't fall once. I did slam into the walls on several occasions and was just about taken out by a 6 year old who decided that speed skating into my side would be the thing to do.There was this one girl, who had to go up to my knee, with long blond curls and a purple tutu, who skated circles around me. I seriously felt like an 80 years grandmother with a very wobbly walker trying to get around the rink.

Needless to say it was a trip. I don't really notice the passage of time when it comes to myself. Yea, I get older but it doesn't really seem to be who I seen in my minds eye. Doing something like roller skating brings it to the for front the fact that I am getting older. That is okay though. I had a total blast and worked out for an hour and half, haulin' my butt around a large oval, while trying to avoid near collisions at a moments notice.

I don't think I will ever be a Roller Durby Momma, but I do think I might look pretty sexy in some hot pink strechy pants with black roller skates, tearing up the rink to Lady GaGa. ;)


housewife said...

Do it! I want tonsee hot pink spandex!!!!

The Crazy Heads said...

Why didn't you take any pictures for us?????

Nana S. said...

LOL LOL LOL, expecially the 80 yr old grandma feeling. My mind still tells me I can ice skate but my experience back fifty years ago trying to skate when Kyle was 2 or 3yrs. old told me different......your story sounded like a repeat performance. LOL....don't give up, you can do it !!!!

Jenn said...

That is hilarious! :) Glad you had fun! I'm sure it was a "roll" down memory lane :)