Sunday, February 6, 2011

3 and 4

3 and 4. If you add them together you get 7, but if you put them right next to each other you get 34.

Yep, that's me, 34.

 I've been trying to think about how it feels to be 34. I have more wrinkles. My boob (which were never particularly perky) are now definitely not perky. Still don't have any more gray hairs than that one I found last year. Oh and I have the old lady upper arm jiggle thing going on. But all that stuff doesn't really feel any different.
 Here are the beautiful flowers that I got from Bruce and Katrina. It was fun to get them. I thought they looked great with my flour and sugar jars. ;)
Yep, that's me with my sweet husband. I don't think I look to bad for 34. I feel happy (most of the time) and very blessed to be so loved. This time of year always brings up good memories. Marc and I went on our first official date 3 days after my birthday the year we got married. :) And of course Valentines is always a good day. That is when I said yes to the most wonderful man, who has made me so happy.

I think that I might have a mid-life crisis at 80 but until then I think I will just continue enjoying the time that I am hanging out here with this wonderful man.


housewife said...

mid life at 80 huh? I may have mine next year:)...or this birthday! lol. Glad you had a good one:)

Jenn said...

34 sounds let a great year :) You don't have to start panic until you get closer to 39....:)

love you!

AJ said...

Nope, that's 7. One of my friends always adds the digits. You're looking great for 7. Happy Birthday.

(BTW, don't panic at 39 either. Life STARTS at 40!)

Teri said...

Happy Birthday! Missed you guys at church today. See you Tuesday.

Nana S. said...

No time for mid-life crisis even at 80 so don't panic, enjoy they journey. Your looking great !!!!

Katrina said...

It only gets better from here Stacie, enjoy every part of it...Life is grand.