Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Scraps and a Quiet Moment

 It is amazing what I can get done when I have some actual quiet moments to myself. Since most of my married life I have spent time as a harried mom, quiet moments have been far and few between. But with the kids in school full time, I get more quiet times than I used to. Today's quiet was more productive than it has been lately.
 Like most camera straps, mine is not the most comfortable thing to hang around my neck, besides the great big red letters declaring the brand name, which I just don't like. I have done nothing about this because I am just to clumsy to walk around strapless and haven't had the time to figure anything out. This morning on one of the blogs that I like to look it,The Cottage Home, I saw the cutest camera strap cover.
 As I looked at the tutorial, I thought to myself, Self you can do this! Get up right now and go make a cover. And that is just what I did. :D It took just about an hour and was very easy.
 I started out with some scrap strips and ribbon. I really like the bright colors and the paisley.

 Here are the two sides. The side without the ruffle and ribbon is backed in some thin Pellon to give it some cushion. (No more scratchy neck.)
 Here is the up close of the ruffle/ribbon side. Aaaahhh, so pretty.
 Wa-LA!! Here is the completed cover all turned, pressed and ready to be put on. I think it come out great.

Here it is on my actual strap. Once I am fit for being in front of the camera, i.e. my shower taken, I will try to take a picture with it on my neck. It is just perfect for what I wanted. You can make your own too. Just click the tutorial word up above and it will take right to that link. 

It really is amazing what I can get accomplished with a few quiet moments.


AJ said...

I love the strap. I almost want to make one, too. And isn't it fun the things kids say.

Krista said...

I love it!!! :) And wow, what a great project for a morning/afternoon - perfect! And it's GORGEOUS. What a reward!!! :)

Teri said...

Wow.. you are so creative. That is really cute. Thanks for being part of our little choir..I know you girls will do great.

Debbie Murdock said...

Sweet niblets!!! Very cute!!