Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the Butter

I want some cheese!! I REALLY want some cheese!! Or any dairy for that matter. I am at the hard kick of craving before your body starts to let go. The kind of craving where you grind you teeth together in frustration and just plain longing.

I was at mom's yesterday and she had some english muffins out. I though yummy, a snack and then proceeded to battle within my self for 10 minutes about cheating just a little bit by putting butter on my muffin. I am not sure that I have ever wanted butter that much before. You will be happy to know that I put my jelly on WITHOUT any of the butter.

I am happy that I was able to make it though or I would have had to start all over again. Marc and I were both feeling the crave last night, but this morning it seems to be better. I am hopeful that things are better for this next week. Although I am craving sugar cookies like my dog craves chickens! I will have to see how they work with some Crisco.

More than anything I want the kids to feel better and I think that is what keeps me on the bandwagon the best. Alex, Sam and Marc are all feeling better and continue to improve. That is what really keeps me out of the butter.


Debbie Murdock said...

I know this is going to sound so gross but my sister in law has been making these cookies with bean puree. I'm not sure if that's one of the no no foods or not but there actually pretty good except for the giving you gas part.

AJ said...

Our hometeacher (Ron Wright) makes cookies with beans and brings them often. The kids look forward to them every time. I like Debbie's comment...but I'm weird. Beans don't equal gas. I admire you, though. Giving up dairy would be harder than giving up chocolate for me. I just couldn't do it. Good thing I don't have to.

Fossil Photo / Curtis and Shauna said...

Oh man! Great job for not giving in. That must be really tough, but you are right...there comes a point where you don't crave it much anymore.