Thursday, January 20, 2011

Just 5

Five seems like a pretty small number. 
Five fingers on one hand, 
five toes on one foot, five pounds of hamburger, 
five days in a work week, 
five minutes for a time out. 
But even as small a number as five is, 
when you talk about it as five years worth of time, 
a lot can change. 

My friend Erica posted these pictures of our kids 
awhile back on her Facebook page. 
I was looking at them tonight and I was just floored at how 
much my kids have grown.
It is almost exactly 5 years between these two pictures. 
That's right just 5 years! 
These were taken in January just before we left 
New Hampshire to move to Boise.

Here we have Baby Sam. Actually 3 3/4, but I mean LOOK AT THOSE CHEEKS! Baby all the way.
And here we have the rest of the motley crew. Babies, I Say, BABIES!! Alex is 5, Hannah 6, Nik was 8 and Sam just that 3 3/4.
Now look at the lot of them. 
Here is Nikolas with his Grammy Catanzaro. 
13 years old. Yep just 5 short years and you all of a sudden have a teenager. 
This lovely beauty is turning into a young lady
right before my eyes. 
Her shape is shifting and isn't that kid anymore. 
Makes me sad and
happy at the same time. 
I am sad that she can't stay little but I am 
excited to see the 
woman she will become.
This young man has come a long ways. 
He even said that Caitlyn 
is the "coolest" little kid that he knows and he likes her.
This coming from my child that said he hates babies and toddlers because 
they are slobbery and gross.
Then there is Sam.
That baby of mine has grown into this tall handsome
boy that still has those cute cheeks,
but sure doesn't look like a baby anymore.
In 5 more short years,
my babies will all be teenagers.
Nik will be 18 and about ready to graduate high school,
Hannah will be a stunning 17 year old,
breaking all the boys hearts, Alex will be a brilliant 15 year
old tormenting me with his drives permit,
(Can you imagine Alex driving?!!),
and Sam will be 14, getting ready
to start high
school and football.
(I think he is still going to have those yummy cheeks.) 


What are you going to have in five years?


Fossil Photo / Curtis and Shauna said...

Holy Cow! When you talk in 5 year increments, time flies by....I'm scared and excited! I can't believe in 5 years you will have a house full of teenagers!! Your kids are growing up so beautifully.

Teri said...

It is amazing how kids change in just 5 years...I should do that with my grandaughters too...soo cute.

Nana S. said...

Thanks for keeping us updated during these past five years with pictures. They are growing into lovely teens, enjoy them now even when it's not so easy ;-). Hugs.

AJ said...

Yep, five years really changes things. In five more years we'll have an empty nest.

Shannon Lytle said...

First of all, I love your new border! So cute!
It really is crazy how much can transpire in a few short years.
In 5 years I will have a bookish but beautiful 14-1/2 year old Cora, a cute,artistic 12-1/2 year old Jane and happy, busy Oliver will be 8! I can't even picture what he will look like at that age. I hope time slows down a little between now and then.