Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I Didn't Now They Could Do That

 When my new visiting teachers came over two months ago and gave me this African Violet. I have never actually had one of my own, but my mom and mother in law have both had some over their lifetimes. They would bloom every once in awhile and mom had one that only bloomed once. So when I got this with no blooms on it and my visiting teacher said that it should bloom anytime, I was a bit dubious.
 I never should have doubt, they are visiting teaching flowers after all. ;) 
 This is what happened since I got the silly little things. 
The thing has go nucular and I haven't even tried to count how many blooms I have.
It sure is a pretty thing and with all the gray that I have been living in for these last few weeks it sure has been nice to look at my pretty little flower. It is very cool and you can see these sparkles all over the delicate petals. I am so glad Heavenly Father created flowers that can be beautiful even in the most gray of places.


Krista said...

That's GORGEOUS, Stacie. And you're right - visiting teaching flowers *are* special! :) What a neat "happy thing" to have, and what wonderful visiting teachers! :)

Nana S. said...

I am envious. Katrina and Bruce sent us two a year ago which did have some blossoms on them when they arrived. They soon wilted and I have since been attempting to keep them alive. One we were able to successfully grow a shoot from a leaf that broke off. The other just sort of stands still. We are hopeful that come spring they too will develope blossoms. My Mom also had a green thumb and many African Violets which were beautiful. We have tried many times to grow them too but no success. Katrina can do her magic touch and look-see at them when she comes in March. I am looking for a miracle.....;-)

Jenn said...

Pretty flower Stacie. I should pick some of those us this spring to brighten my little abode in CT!

love you!

Debbie Murdock said...

Those are beautiful and so vibrant...I have a whole new appreciation for color and flowers since having my own home where I can plant them.