Sunday, January 9, 2011


I am a fairly prolific blogger. Having said that you would think that I enjoy blogging. Most of the time I do, but there are moments when it leans more to the hate side of my love/hate relationship with my blog. I am glad to have this online journal, even though I can't say all that I am thinking. It has been a good way to chronicle many of the moments of my life. I just wish that others would see its importance to me.

Being left out is a funny thing. Here I am writing my thoughts down for the whole world to read. Yet there are times when I feel like I am virtually alone. As if I am not being seen at all. There are just moments in time that seem very lonely. I must say for this first week of a new year, it has been pretty rough. I feel like a fish that has been cast onto the shore and told to dance. Instead of dancing, I just lay there gasping for air.

But all that being said, I have a new plan for dancing this week. The first begins with some exercise. I intend to go to the Kroc Center for a work out 5 days a week, starting tomorrow morning. We have been casein free for about two weeks now. But have had to start over the detox a few times when the kids have accidentally ate something with milk in it. I think Alex is though his roughest part, but Sam had milk on Thursday and he has been crabby. I want cookies really badly. Badly enough that I am going to make some tomorrow with my milk and butter substitutes. Hopefully they come out decent. Good night.


Tammy and Brian Family said...

I love you Stacie!!!!!!! And miss you very much!! You are a sweet and wonderful and caring person! You are strong and gifted, your family is blessed beyond measure to have you as their eternal companion and mother. I will try harder to leave comments, I am bad at that, I blog hop, I have been keeping up on your family and am so happy you have this blog! This year will be a fabulous one for you, I just know it!!!

Becky said...

Hang in there! You are NEVER alone. And I'm proud of you for making this difficult journey of figuring out what will help your family best. Don't give hard as it is, keep fighting the fight!

AJ said...

I understand the "alone" feeling. Felt that way, too. Thanks for all the comments you have left on my blog. Hang in there with your diet changes. There are always slip ups, but you're doing great. Better than I've been doing with gluten at the moment. I didn't realize you were milk free (didn't know what casein was)

Katrina said...

Hang in there Stacie your not alone,Life is full of changes and challenges, and we all go through them. In about 12 hours and then 6 weeks I am going to feel the same pains of being alone with out little ones and big ones around, but I know that each of you are where your suppose to be. Keep the faith there daughter, and know that I love you . Talk to you tomorrow. Love ya