Monday, January 17, 2011

Certian Conversations

Of  late my boys have become much more aware of Marc and I kissing. I am sure this is stemming from the fact that they are getting older and are more aware of their own bodies. This being said they are really starting into the "kissing is yucky" stage. 

I must say as a parent this is very very FUN! LOL Marc and I have now reach a point were we  finally have something to torment our children with. heehehee.

Marc closed at work tonight and the kids and I were sitting at the table eating dinner, when it was time for Marc to leave. Upon arrival of this time, our normal routine is to kiss each other goodbye. 
While kissing my honey I noticed that ALL of my boys were making faces and turning away. 
At which point Marc proceeded to kiss the tarnation right out of me. Making me laugh hysterically and making my boys
Honestly, I can say that I haven't had quite that much fun in a very long time. I know it is perverse but to finally have something that I thoroughly enjoy doing, that makes my boys Gross Out, is extremely wonderful. 

Then this evening we had one of those conversations. The one where Alex starts out by asking why do girls have to were bra? And I say because girls have breasts. He says but why ? And I say because they are way to jiggly. This then making him and Hannah break into gales of laughter. Which lead the next obvious question being why were my breast so HUGE? LOLOL At that I point I just laughed and said genetics. 


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I like your blog is very cute. I'll peek in here often.

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Oh my gosh, Stacie, I can't believe I missed this post earlier - that is STINKIN' HILARIOUS!!! :)

Smooch away!!! :) Awesome. :)