Saturday, December 18, 2010

Yes, Yes, I Have.

 This year for Christmas, Wayne, my brother wanted a new quilt from my mom. The last one she made was many years ago and it is now to short for him to tuck into. In an attempt to help mom not go completely nuts I have been helping her in the process of getting this done.
 I have found in living around quilters for many years now, that there always seems to be many projects "in process". This is most certainly the case with Mom. About two months ago we went through her stuff and got all her projects together and found that she has probably 12 different projects that she needs to get through. So when Wayne asked for a quilt, we were able to find one that would work that already had all its pieces cut out. :D
Each square has three different colored circles in the middle. You sew the circles down, then cut the squares into 4 triangles and mix up the colors and then sew them back together. Wayne also wanted an elk on it. That would be the first picture. Mom drew up the rough draft and I tweaked it. I think it come out pretty good. We originally put the elk straight on the squares but you lost it on all the colors, so we put it on the red piece and that worked perfect. 
 This is with all the squares and the red piece all sewn together. The elk and the boarder are just laid out still. We are going to add an additional 4 inch blue boarder, then bind it in the red. It is going to look SO awesome! Mom and I sewed most of the day yesterday and were able to get all the triangles sewn together. It was fun to see it come together. :)

I am most definitely NOT a quilter, but it was fun to work on the quilt and get it put together. It was nice to get so far and I think Wayne is really going to love it. :)

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Marcus and Stacie said...

I agree baby. I think he will love it and you guys did awsome. I love you so much.