Thursday, December 2, 2010

Looping Along

Wednesday nights are our scout night. This last one was our Pack Meeting for the months of November and December. Alex earned his first scouting awards. He got 10 belt loops and two pins.  :)
 Sammy got 5 belt loops, also his first awards. That is those shinny things Sam is pointing to. I sure am proud of my boys. They have worked rally hard and spent many hours on Saturday to get their awards.  
 Sam and Al also did their first flag ceremony. It was very cute. They are just so serious about it all. I think they are very adorable, but then I am their mom.
 Today we had Alex's counseling appointment and in the parking lot they had a HUGE mound of snow piled up.
 So of course my hubby had to get in on the action with his son. They had a grand time throwing snow at each other as Alex climbed all over the mound. Isn't he cute?
 It was really good for Alex to laugh and play with his dad. The kids don't get to spend as much time as they used to doing that sort of thing with Marc working now. Alex had us in stitches, singing on the way home.
I do love his laugh.

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