Sunday, December 12, 2010


What, might you ask, is CMC?

Could be Cuddly Marshmallow Caught
Cutest Man Catnapping,

but wait ...

I think it could be...


My newest nephew.
I am so excited to show him off!
 He is such a doll and I can hardly stand it that I am up here, 10 hours away from all that CUTENESS! 
All 8lb 7oz and 22inches of him. (Although I have it under good authority that he is growing like a weed, so he is probably a little bigger now.) He was born to his proud parents on December 6th. I love all that strawberry blond hair and those luscious lips.
(He has had some jaundice so that glow is a billyrubin light.)

I know He is getting lots of hugs and kisses from his Grammy, but there is nothing like his Aunties snuggles. Just ask his siblings. ;) 

I have been having the "I want to snuggle a sweet ball of baby" cravings. That has made me a bit weepy of late and I am missing not being part of all the goings on. So I will have to live vicariously though pictures for now. So for the moment I will enjoy him any way I can. :)
AAAAHHHHhhhhh!! Such a sweet, sweet boy. :)


Michelle said...

Ahhh to snuggle with a newborn is something I miss and would enoy. Hope you get to see him soon before he grows to fast. What a cutie!

Becky said...

Nothing better than a baby straight from heaven!!!!