Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Fun

 This is my new cross stitch bag. Jenny made it and I though it would work great. Plus it is stylish.

Here is the quilt that we have been working on for Wayne. He loved it and it came out great. :)
This is my new coffee table or er .. sort of anyway. Wayne made it for me. It was technically made as a coffee table but it was the first one made and it was a bit taller than the other two that Wayne made for my sisters. So now I have an awesome side table instead. I really like and he did some fun inlay on it.
This is were I have it sitting in my house.:)
We spent a good part of the day at Mom & Dad's. Here is Nik with his new hat, shirt, and lego plane.
Al has been firmly entrenched in his DS. He got several new games for Christmas, which is good because the two that he got for his Birthday he has beat three times over each.
See I got a smile out of him.
Hannah and Sam took over the table.
And Sam loved the new outfit that he got from Grammy for his Build a Bear.

Marc modeling his new jersey from his dad.
Hi Grammy!

I  did get a few shots of Dad, but he was hiding his face pretty well. I also got an wonderful enamel, dutch oven pot that is going to contain my dinner for tonight. :D I just haven't gotten a picture of it yet. We had a nice Christmas Day, but I have to say that I mightily missed the family that we have regularly celebrated with for the last many years. :/ Maybe soon we will get to see the rest of the clan.

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