Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wintery Wonderland

 When this...

  Becomes this...
 Then I think, quite possibly, we might have a WHITE CHRISTMAS. 

 Thanksgiving was nice. We ended up eating over at Mom and Dad's, as Dad wanted to stay in his chair by a toasty fire. Can't say that I blame him and we are used to eating at another home. Jan was able to come up with some friends from Boise. We helped her make some cookies and candy for the R.S. Christmas party that she is in charge of this year. 
 We were making Peppernut cookies (an old family recipe). It requires rolling out lots and lots of little tiny cookies. It is a better recipe to make all together. Which is what we were doing here. That and laughing at my kids and mom's dog. Bo loves the snow and he tormented my children by eating their creations. At one point Alex just laid back in the snow and cried. I know that as his mother I should not laugh, but I laughed so hard that I cried. I know I am a horrible mother, but sometimes it is just dang funny. 

As we head into December, we head into another Catanzaro First, on the 21st we get our first official teenager.


It should be interesting to say the least. 13!?! Holy Crow! 
Anyhoo, happy snowing.


Becky said...

No worries, teenagers are FUN! :) And I mean that!

Heavenly said...

You have two me. ;)

Cindi said...

You will love having teenagers, most of the time! So much fun!!! And I am jealous of the snow...except having to drive in it!!!