Friday, November 5, 2010

Things I've Learned on Thursday

1. I really love fall. I wore a sweatshirt all afternoon yesterday and it was pretty perfect. Not only that, but he  sun was shinning and all the colored trees were brilliantly colored.It was breathtaking and I kept getting distracted with all that luminescence.

2. My hormones are killing me. Not literally, but there are some days that just kill me emotionally. Yesterday was one of those days. I just could not physically pull out of my funk. I have no desire to do anything. I know it is a form of my depression, but I have no way to deal with it other than sleeping the day away. It is so frustrating. At least it usually only last a day or two.

3. I have had a great time reading my kids books. I read the Red Pyramid by Rick Riordan last week and I am reading the Lost Hero by the same author this week. (He is the guy who wrote the Percy Jackson books). I try to read the books that my kids are reading so that I know if the books are good or not. That is the reason I started the Harry Potter series too. I am sucker for a good book. :) My only hardship comes when I have share the book. I can't just keep it and finish it. Alex takes it to school and I am out of luck. LOL

4. Sometimes the hardest part of a project is that last little bit that takes FOREVER to get done!! When you cross stitch, that tranlates into doing one or two tiny stitches in one color, then having to switch to another color to do a 1/2 stitch, then back to another color for another two stitches somewhere else.
(Yes that was a frustrated animal yell.)

5. I am pretty sure my son, Alex, is going to have knee problems when he gets old. He is so hard on them. Yesterday he slammed his knee so hard into the playground equipment that he can't bend his knee right now because of the bruising. This is not the first time that he has hurt his knees like that. He is so hard on his body. I am prayerful that he will make it to his adulthood with all his limbs intact.

6.  My two eldest children are very imaginative. They have to ride bikes to school every morning. Today it was decided that they were riding "horses" to school. Their Aunt Meggan would be proud. They are too fun. Each day it is something different. At least they like riding to school.

7. My wardrobe is sorely lacking in cloths that fit right. All of T-shirts are to short and I don't have enough winter shirts. I have some church type things, but not the every day stuff. I really need to make a dedicated second hand store run and find some stuff that fits. 

8. When attempting to make caramel sucker for the first time, it is always important to remember that the caramel is VERY HOT when it is all soft and runny. No amount of blowing makes it cooler when it is searing through your skin.


Shannon Lytle said...

I'm glad you try finding things to be happy about when you just aren't feeling it. The fall colors really are breathtaking.
I hope you have a better weekend and that the kids will be good for you.
Do something for yourself that you love to do. Even if you don't have the motivation. :)
Miss you and your family around here...

Krista said...

Yeah, I hate the finishing part of projects, too... except when it's not quite that complex, and the "coming together" outweighs the inconvenience, LOL! But I'm just in awe of you for cross-stitching - that's a whole brand of discipline I don't have! ;)

And Fall is AWESOME. :) Such a great blend of comfy & invigorating temps! :) Have you been able to get out and ride your bike much lately? Hope so... the tough part is the dark, which kind of stinks.

Anyway, thinking of you (much more than I comment), and hoping things look up, at least a little, soon! Maybe have Gma take the kiddos and just have a real you-and-Hubby date??? :)