Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sometimes I Wonder about Them

This is what happens when you give my kids tons of sugar, googly eyes, and then stick them in a room by themselves for an hour or so.

Googly eyes taped to Sam's face. 
 It is a different kind of look. LOL
 Here he is dead. Notice the tongue?
 Today was Alex's 10 year old physical. He passed with flying colors. I was taking several pictures and really thought he looked like his Uncle Matt in this picture.
 But that doesn't really surprise me too much, as Al got all those Catanzaro genes.
 Intently reading the newest book. That boy reads like no ones business.


The newest thing that has been added to our plate is Scouts. Nik has been in boy scouts for the last year. Sam and Alex have 'technically' been in cub scouts since they turned 8, but with the madness that was school, we simply didn't go. All that has changed here.
I was called to be the Bear Cub Scout Leader. All three boys have cubs and regular scouts Wednesday nights. So Hannah and Daddy get to have some one on one time, at least until May when Hannah goes into young womens.  I had to get patches sewed onto all of the boys shirts. I got Nik's done a few weeks ago, but I just finished the little boys today. My fingers are not working so well now. LOL Those little patches are not easy to sew on. :P
Sam loves wearing his uniform. He also bugged me all week about getting the patches on. I also noticed that my youngest is bulking up. His cheeks are rather plump all of a sudden. ;) (If you click on the picture you can see it better.) My boys are so handsome. I am glad that they are interested in scouts and have so much fun.


AJ said...

I enjoyed my time in cub scouts. Boys that age are great. On the patches...you know the stitching around the patch? Just catch that with your needle. It will be enough and not nearly as hard as going through the patch.
When they are earning merit badges later you can just glue them to the sash. Also, we learned to sew each boy's patches in one color. Tim was green thread, James was red. That way it was easy to tell whose shirt was whose...especially on campouts.

Becky said...

Cute googly eyes. :) Love their imaginations.

Nana S. said...

Alex definetly has the C genes, but I see his Dad's good looks. Maybe Uncle Matt a little too ;-). Good he likes books so well. Reading was never one of my favorite things to do. Love their imagination !!

Krista said...

Seriously, those eyes are AWESOME!!! :) Absolutely brilliant - thanks for sharing! :)