Thursday, November 11, 2010

My Life with Boys

Boys are an interesting breed of the male species. Depending on the ages, they can alternate between sweet, loud, frustrating, weepy, funny, energetic and about a hundred other things at once. They are also a funny combination of innocence mixed with common sense. This was demonstrated perfectly last night.

Wednesday nights in our house is scout night. The boys and I go out for about two hours to do all their different scout things. Last night after scouts got done, we had to run to Walmart so that I could exchange some sanitary pads. I had picked up the wrong box earlier. I told the boys this was the reason for our trip and boys being boys they all kind of tuned it out.

Sam is my most aware of the three boys. And when we come to the isle with the pads he was paying more attention to me than his brothers. I started to complain because they didn't have what I want and it was really frustrating. At this point the other boys started to pay attention. Alex asked what I was doing and before I could say anything Sam piped up.

In the most matter of fact way he proceeded to tell Alex that ... "Mom was looking for pads and she can't find what she wants. They are for her period and someday I will know what the means." LOL I though it was so funny. My 8 year old telling my 10 year old about my periods.

It is one of those things that just makes me laugh. Life gives you so many moments of fun and silliness. You just have to pay attention.


AJ said...

I always thought Heavenly Father had a sense of humor when he took one of the shy-est people, let her grow up with 6 sisters and only 2 younger brothers, and then made her the mother of three boys and only one girl. But I love my boys (and my girl), and I'm quite protective of my men.

housewife said...

lol...that's hilarious:)