Friday, October 22, 2010

Things I Learned on Thrusday

1. I am somewhat addicted to those wedding dress shows. Girl Meets Gown and Say yes to the Dress are so fun. (I think I might have hooked Meggan too, even though she hasn't got to watch it because her hubby is home right now.) Here are two of my favorites. I absolutely love those vintage styles.
2. When you get up with your husband at 4:30am in the morning, your motivation to get anything done the rest of the day is shot. Even if you get to go back to sleep until 6. Slugs had more motivation than I did yesterday.  

3. My sons officially got my reading gene. :) They are sitting here 15 minutes before school, reading away, almost done with there 557 page book in 1 week. Makes Wayne somewhat disgusted, but only because he struggles so much with that sort of thing.   

4.Having your daily schedule written on your refrigerator, gets you interesting comments like, "You wrote in permanent marker on you refrigerator?!" No, I wrote with dry erase makers on my refrigerator. It makes it much easier to wash off that way. 

 5. I am pretty positive that my dog like my mom's dog. My dog my growl and grumble when she is getting licked profusely by mom's dog, but she whines and a mopes when she has to leave. It is very cute.  

6. My son, Alex, is hilarious! When asked how he wanted his eggs this morning, he replied "Cooked on both sides, with no puss coming out of it." I laughed so hard! He is just a kick in the pants. I never would have thought of something like that.  

7. That if I don't write down the ideas that I have throughout my day, when I sit down to blog, I remember NOTHING! Uhhggg, it is so frustrating. 



Marcus and Stacie said...

All very true. ;0P I love you so much. i am so cherished to have you in my life.



Heavenly said...

I didn't ask if you did it in permanent ink--I kind of figured it was dry erase. LOL