Saturday, October 9, 2010


With this move I have been able to pretty much get most of the house in order. The garage is organised, the kitchen is put together, bathrooms, bedrooms and the pantry look organized and usable. What, however, has not been put together is my bedroom and the laundry that was has been in clean piles since I moved in.

My bedroom has been an absolute mess.
Just so no one doubts the validity of my mess, I took pictures.
There is even a child sleeping in there. Not that you can really tell. The whole "no dresser" thing was totally throwing me and I just couldn't figure out how to deal with all of our cloths.
My closet was worse than the rest. Lions and Tigers and Cloths, OH MY! It has just been one gigantic mess. But more than anything an overwhelming mess.
This week my SIL, Meggs, came for a surprise visit. :D It was really wonderful. Being the thinker that she is, as she got the grand tour, she came up with the brilliant idea of actually hanging up all of the cloths. I mean who would have though to actually utilize all those empty closets and put cloths in them! I certainly hadn't. LOL We headed off to Walmart and proceeded to buy out most of their hanger section. All in the hopes of making a Sanctuary. We decided to take out the bookcases and move the bed. This is the halfway point.
We only had the pile of kids cloths left and Marc still had to move out the bookcases.

Also you need to take note of our fancy side tables at this point.
TV trays. Just keep it in mind.

We are also painting our headboard and footboard, so they are in the garage until next paycheck.
You need to prepare yourself because the shock of it could be overwhelming.
Oh how I love thee closet.
*happy sigh*
Not only did we utilize the only dresser we had left, I was also able to put my linen storage in the back side of my closet, since I don't have an actual linen closet.
And this is the new space.
AAAhhh, so nice.

Just bask in its beauty.
 Go on take a moment...

Yes that is actual carpet that you are seeing. I moved the picture from downstairs to up here because it matched so well.
Now you remember the TV tray side tables? Well for Twenty dollars, Meggs and I created these! So totally cute, right?!
We spray painted the top brown (as I have decided that it is going to be my accent color), then hemmed this great fabric that we found. After that we hot glued/staple gunned it to the tops and then glued the brighter blue ribbon around the edge.
I LOVE them. They not only look great, but they hide our more cluttery stuff.

There is still a bit more to do, but that will come over time. I would like to put in an overstuffed chair and table to make a reading area on the other end. We need to finish the railings and add a few more pictures to the walls. But that is just astectics. It is really quite wonderful.
Thank you again, Meggan, for all you help and ideas. :) It was the help I needed and I am so grateful for your willingness to just come. I hope this inspires the rest of you to make your own sanctuary.


housewife said...

lol...ur a brave woman putting up pictures of the before:) looks awesome! and yes...sometimes the preggo brain does think and come up with ideas:) I had a great time!

Michelle said...

Wow I love the bedroom, It looks sooo good, I love the bedspread where did you get it.

Krista said...

HOLY... WOW!!! You gals did a GREAT job!!!!! I dread unpacking all our stuff from where it's currently stashed, which is what would have to happen to actually clean & organize it (again). Way to make use of that awesome closet space, and I LOVE the end tables!!! :) Beautiful, beautiful!!!

(...and yes, I *did* pause and just enjoy the "after" picture... dreaming of when we might have that someday, too! ;)