Friday, October 29, 2010

The End of the Week

Have you ever felt guilty about being happy when your child is not home? Hannah had Trail Creek this week for three days and it was very nice to not having the hormonal contention that she has been bringing to the house. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter and miss her when she is not here, but I don't miss the ramped up emotion that comes with her sometimes. She is such a wonderful young lady and really fun and sweet, but she can also be frustrating, loud, annoying, and push all of my buttons. :/

Our Fall colors have been absolutely beautiful here. We have lots of color this year and I have enjoyed seeing a "Fall" that is more like New England. I took this picture yesterday. We also get the Tamarack trees changing color and it just makes the mountains glow. That is one thing about moving here, it is very pretty. We really live in a beautiful place.

I went on a date with my son last night. :) We went to see the Guardians of Gahool, the owl movie. It was pretty good and Alex just loved it! You'll never guess what I dreamed about all night last night? Owls. LOL They were flying through my dreams, much like they flew through the movie. It was weird.

I am a mean mom. Every Monday and Thursday, I make Sam go get two shots. Granted they are for allergies and small needles, but still they are needles! Not our most favorite experience, but even with that he does pretty good. I must say that this is a very nice office, with friendly staff and knowledgeable doctors. Our ENT on the other hand, has somewhat lacking in the "bed side manner" department. He seems like he knows what is what, but communicating that to us as his patient has not been near as good.

I hate waiting. It drives me nuts. Just get on with it already. My nerves get jumping and it makes me tired. :/

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Becky said...

Hang in there. I'm not good at waiting either. But you can do it! Love the tree picture. My favorite time of year!!!