Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween

We had our Ward Halloween Party tonight. There was a chili/cornbread potluck and then a tunker-treat. There were TONS of people. The kids had a ball.
 Here is my football coach. Go figure. ;)
 This is my beautiful princess.
 This is a really fun bubble. It was the liquid nightrogen smoke and they made AWESOME bubbles. 
 This is about the only time I saw Nik. He was my knight, but they had free video games and Nik was all over that. He had lots of fun.
 Here is my little robber. Alex even had a flashlight, so that he could find his booty.
 I just love those beautiful eyes.

 Here's Marc were he is most comfortable. ;) He loves the little ones.
 The kids has a great time and here they are diving up their booty. They actually didn't get too much candy. Just enough to have candy for about two days.
 Dad "supervising" the candy booty.

I am glad to have this holiday done. Halloween is not my favorite holiday, but it was really nice this year. It was pretty low stress. The kids didn't really bug me about costumes. I just let them come up with their own ideas and it worked good.
We are gearing up for their Primary Program tomorrow. It will be Hannah's last. Two down, two to go. LOL
It is very strange to have pre-teens well on their way to teenhood.

Happy Halloween!


Jesse Edwards said...

cute!! I miss you guys!!!

Nana S. said...

They looked like they were having a lot of fun, and they are so good looking. Thanks for sharing the pictures, we always enjoy seeing them all. They are growing up right under your nose ;-). That is what happens. Enjoy it while you can.